29 / F / Denver

Favorite Internet meme? 
‘Unimpressed Chloe’ … I think it’s my reaction to literally every situation I could ever find myself in.

What song is in your head right now? 
‘Three White Horses’ by Andrew Bird

Last person you texted? 
The dude.

What's your preferred medium? 
Lately, acryla-gouache on paper. It’s dreamy. 

Are you an Amazon Prime member? 
Nooooooo, I’m too cheap. But I have a ‘connection’ … (my guy logged me into his, yessss).

Would you trade your artistic talent for $1 million? 
While this is a touchy subject because I’m constantly scraping by … Essentially I would be stuck with a whole lotta poor mental math skills and no desire/patience to be sitting in an office all day without art. The money would be helpful, but all I can think of how to use it (besides travel) is to make a lot more art. So it looks like I’ll just be broke.

You love animals, but what animal do you love the most? 
Pups, for sure. <3

Do you/would you ever do commission work of people's pets? 
Yes, all the time! This is actually my favorite type of commission work right now. Hit. Me. Up!

Self-driving cars: Great idea or not really? 
Oof, that makes me nervous.

Who in your life inspires you the most? 
There are a couple people close to me (without naming exactly) that just ooze positivity. While having every type of curveball being thrown at them, they only have nice things to say; it’s not only inspiring, but contagious.

What would you like to see more of in the art industry? 
More support, less pretentious ‘holier than thou’ bashing. It’s unnecessary and not helpful. We are all out here doing our thing, help each other out.

Where would you like your art to take you in the future? 
I like the trajectory I’m on; slow and steady. So wherever each project or show leads me, I’m cool with that. My goal is to keep putting up shows that I’m proud of and that people enjoy. I would love to incorporate some collaborations with my talented art friends, new media, and more fun color ideas. Bank account goals? It would be sweet to not just live off eggs and cheap Chinese food one day, but for now I’ll live. 

Shameless Plug(s): 
Come say hi to me at DINK and Denver Comic Con! Also, I have a show of all new work with Sally Centigrade in September :)) 
Instagram: @kaitlinziesmer
Site: KaitlinZiesmer.com