Matty Roberts did not expect the FBI when they showed up at his California home. But, then, this entire month has been bizarre for Roberts and this was just another strange link a very weird series of events.

A few weeks ago the California local created a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51… They can’t stop all of us” while he was playing video games.

“If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.” Wrote Roberts in the description. “Lets see them aliens.”

It was supposed to be a joke — just something silly to make his friends chuckle. But the subsequent memeruption was so massive and out-of-control that in a matter of days Roberts had 2 million people signed up to Naruto run across the desert and into Area 51 to “clap them alien cheeks.”

No one expected the event to gain so much momentum so quickly. Not Roberts, and certainly not the government.

On the week following the event’s explosion, a US Air Force spokeswoman released an ominous warning to everyone who had promised their attendance: “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

Whatever that means, it can’t be good for The People planning on storming the secret government base.

Still, that didn’t do much to slow the momentum of Roberts’ snowballing movement. People continued to sign up in droves, and the event continued to gain support from around the web.

Then, last weekend, the Facebook page was mysteriously removed from the internet. It came back up, quickly, after public outcry, and when it did, Roberts announced a free three-day music festival would be taking place in Rachel, Nevada (the closest town to Area 51).

It was an exciting announcement. But the strange and unexplained removal of the Storm Area 51 event left Roberts suspicious. Were the Feds trying to foil his plan? Was he being watched?

Not long after that, Roberts got a strange call from his mother. She told him that the FBI had was at their home and wanted to talk to him…

I was kind of scared at this point,” Roberts told 23ABC News. “But they were super cool and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t an actual terrorist making pipe bombs in the living room.”

Apparently, Roberts was cleared. And the agents left his home satisfied that he wasn’t an alien terrorist disguised as a Californian basshead.

But the whole situation makes one thing very clear: the government is watching this Storm Area 51 event very closely. They might laugh it off publicly, but behind the scenes you can bet that there are government agents who have been assigned to this event specifically.

And even though Rachel, Nevada is a good three hours from the actual Area 51 location, the base itself will still likely be armed, ready and on high alert throughout the weekend of September 20th. The government will be there. And they will be ready when the Naruto runners come.