Listen everyone – when we tell you about an artist that’s on the come up it's all right for you to listen and heed our righteous advice. It makes for good conversation; and who better to let you in on some great new music than The Rooster? I mean, all we do is sit around trying to remember obscure Nintendo codes and fervently Googling “where are the Sandlot kids now” on the daily; so we may have a slight advantage at finding the good new new that the net has to offer. It's real work and a fine career choice mom and dad, we swear to it! 

Enter our worldly ally CRL CRRLL. He was featured in last month’s Colorado Music Madness and has recently dropped on us what we consider to be the hits. The “Good Influence” mixtape takes samples from notable contemporaries Kanye West, Ratatat, Metronomy, Kavinsky and cooks them into his own growing signature ear snacks. Listen below, and follow CRL CRRLL for all of the latest on this rising artist.