Ever since people were shelved away in their homes dancing to TikTok and watching Ryan Seacrest have a stroke on live television, they seemed to have tapped a creative nerve in their booze soaked brains to bring the world joy in the time of the ‘rona (and we’re not talking about the evening howling episodes. Please stop.) 

One of those creative joys happens to be the new wave illusion in downtown Seoul, South Korea featuring a gargantuan wave that splashes amongst the glass pains as if it’s about to break out onto the street and wash away the people. (Note: This exhibit probably wouldn't work in Japan.) 

The catch, it’s not really water. Instead it's an anamorphic illusion. What’s an anamorphic illusions you ask? Let us tell you. It’s a distorted projection blah blah blah video screen giving the sense that the wave has volume to it much like your hair after a Herbal Essences rinse. 

But don’t be fooled, this project wasn’t easy. Samsung had to produce over 31,000 video panels for this installation towering 20 meters tall by 80 meters wide. 

For one minute, every hour, the wave will crash, giving spectators an unbelievable rush of excitement then depression knowing they just wasted 59 minutes of their lives waiting for the wave to come. 

But it’s the little things in life like digital waves that keep us going when coronavirus lurks around every corner… Just imagine, if the US can overcome COVID-19 and survive to see another day much like South Korea, we can take the traumatic experience and build something magnificent of our own… a 3D version of TuPac. Oh, wait, he’s been done. Maybe Micheal Jackson? No, he’s been done. Damn. We’ll settle for just opening the restaurants.