A cell phone video went viral last Thursday after an enraged mustachioed man jumped on the hood of a school bus in Parkville, Maryland, after a middle school student allegedly threw a bottle at his car.

The man, later identified as Leverne Doran, has been confirmed he was in fact not looking for Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus.

As the story goes, after banging on the doors of the bus demanding to be let in, he took to the hood while the bus continued to move forward — apparently driving right to the police station, according to the driver.

The video clearly shows Doran irate, banging on the hood and yelling, “Open the door!” for several hundred feet.

Doran’s lawyer, Steven Silverman, defended Doran while speaking to Inside Edition. He stated, “It’s not fair to brand Mr. Doran as anything but a responsible adult trying to do the right thing.”

So there you have it folks. You've been given permission by a lawyer to jump on to a moving school bus full of terrified middle school kids the next time a plastic Gatorade bottle ruins your day.

While you’re at it, go ahead and steal their lunch money too.