Kygo's manager Myles Shear grabbed the girl and dragged her offstage just moments before she was engulfed in flames. Oh, festivals.

Deep in the rolling hills of Georgia this weekend, Kygo took the stage to make a headlining appearance at Counterpoint Music Festival.

Unbeknownst to the audience, Kygo had a surprise lined up for his set: a trio of fire cannons that, at salient moments, would send 20 foot tall pillars of flame into the air. Real cool and stuff, right?

Right … unless you're standing literally right on top of those cannons.

That's exactly what happened when a female Kygo fan managed to get onstage. In the video, you can see her dancing and having a life peak moment. The crowd cheers for a second, happy that one of their own had 15 seconds of fame to bask in, when suddenly Kygo's manager Myles Shear swoops in out of nowhere and drags her away.

A few boos ring out from the crowd in disdain for removing the fan, and then … BOOM. Fire, fire everywhere!

Quickly, it becomes apparent that his actions were heroic; the fire shot out out right where the girl had been standing just seconds before. If Myles hadn't saved her, she would have been torched like a memorial day weenie. 

Myles had some words about the incident as well:

“It’s important to make sure everyone is safe at all costs. As a manager the show needs to be the best it can be but must make sure everyone is enjoying themselves in a responsible manner.”

Moral of the story? Just stay the fuck home. You're too old for this shit.