That awkward moment when you can't move for an hour because you watched David Hasselhoff's new music video and your brain can't process that amount of 80s.

We're not going to lie to you, we legitimately thought David Hasselhoff was dead. Maybe it was the drunk Carl's Junior video where he writhed all over the floor, shirtless and engulfing beef that put that thought in our minds, or maybe it's the fact that everything he does seems like the sort of thing a figment of our imagination would do. Either way, it just made it twice as flabbergasting for us when he released a music video for a new song of his called "True Survivor."

And yeah, we were just as surprised as you when we found out he was still making music. That's like saying Mozart is still dropping tunes.

The video is actually from the Kickstarter-funded film Kung Fury, and it's straight the Hoff's ultra-80s Knight Rider days. And while it doesn’t have his computerized car K.I.T.T., it does have a white Lamborghini, an overactive fog machine, dinosaurs, fingerless gloves, kung fu, Hilter, lightening, time travel and enough explosions to warrant a U.N. meeting.

The mind-blowingly weird cinematic experience mixes up everything from keytars to 8-bit hacking, and melts your face with an unhealthy dose of vikings, flamethrowers, roundhouse-kicking cops, people walking away from explosions without looking back and so much more. There is literally no 80s cliche that goes un-Hasselhoff'ed in this bitch.

Fucking what …

The video bodes well for Kung Fury, David Sandberg’s throwback martial arts comedy about a vengeful cop who travels back in time to kill the Nazis, but end up bringing in vikings and Thor to finish the deed. With a plot like that, it should be no surprise the film exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $200,000, and brought in well over $600,000.

So, with that said, please watch this. It really is the greatest piece of film ever made.