You want to laugh? Be entertained? Then this is where you should be.

Denver's a budding creative scene where there's more to the entertainment than a dispensary every couple of blocks. Don't get us wrong, the devil's weed makes anything a little bit better, but there's been a migration of creative people headed to the Mile High City bringing with them a resurgence of fun shit to do here.

The Denver Improv is part of this fun shit to do, and if you haven't had a chance to check out the offerings of the group, you now have a chance to see all of its glory with a weekend of improv and comedy at Denver Improv Festival this Friday and Saturday. In honor of this great occasion, we decided to sit down and talk with Paul Briitain, former cast member of Saturday Night Live and headliner of the event, to discuss his trip to the Mile High City, see if he's going to indulge in our state's new favorite crop and whether or not Lorne Michaels is an asshole. 

Thanks for talking with us. What are you planning on bringing to the Denver Improv Festival that should get us excited?

"Panache. A surfeit of performing panache. Also a bunch of props for my 'Sex' Ed Vincent show that I expect the TSA to be confused/weirded-out by."

If you haven't heard, Denver has legal weed. Surprising, we know. Any plans to check out the inventory while in Denver?

"That's right, you Coloradans are crazy about the devil's weed.  Satan's dirty dirty weed, 'the marihuana.' Well, I suppose it would be rude not to get max baked."

We're aspiring actors. What tricks of the trade can you give us?

"Broaden your skill set. Specifically, take up ventriloquism. Always funny. Always will be funny."

Should we go on Saturday Night Live or say tell Lorne we're taking our talents elsewhere?

"Go SNL. Nothing else like it in the world."

Best life lesson to give the children:

"Put down that cell phone and LIVE goddamnit! And get better taste in music."

You majored in finance, any good stock picks to help salvage our retirement fund?

"I really like what they're doing over at The Parallax Corporation."

When doing improv, what's important to remember?

"Quit arguing (sometimes)."

Money aside, do you like improve, television or movies better?

"All of them. And improvising in TV and movies is the tops."

It's a Saturday night, where can someone find you?

"The roller rink, duh."

And now, a very special commercial from the Denver Improv Festival …