Denver continues to prove itself as a globally recognized dance destination. Club culture remains alive and well in the heart of the city thanks to CoClubs and their vibrant venues. Larger scale venues like Mission Ballroom and Red Rocks are booking significantly more premier dance talent than ever before and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Denver’s Civic Center Park has unexpectedly grown into a respectable outdoor music venue over the past few years, hosting events like Deadbeats Jamboree, Dusty Boots Fest, This Never Happened Summer Gathering, and more. Last year, they hosted Denver’s first-ever house and techno festival, Regenerate, in association with AEG Presents and 128 Productions.

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After a successful first year, the festival announced its return in 2024 with even bigger plans in mind. This year’s festival has grown into a 2-day event, featuring a wide range of homegrown and global talent in the dance and techno communities.

Headliners for the 2024 iteration include John Summit, Eric Prydz, Purple Disco Machine, Disco Lines, Gorgon City, Ben Böhmer (live), and Eli & Fur. Other acts include Agents of Time, Ayybo, Cassian, Kasablanca, Layton Giordani, Marsh, Miane, Nimino, Qrion, TDJ, and Torren Foot as well as additional local acts Adam Stark, AMBA, Bodega Cats, CJ. Decker Rush, HAM, IIVX, Josh Fedz, Lorely Mur, Pandorah, Paradime, RC3, SISS, Sonrizas, and Wessyde.

As Denver’s first house and techno-focused festival, it’s grown into the Mile High City’s biggest, with three unique stages, food trucks, art installations and other surprises. The setting alone, highlighted by towering trees, soft green grass, and the iconic backdrop of the Colorado State Capitol, provides the perfect spot to dance the night away.

We had a chance to sit down with the founder and visionary behind 128 Productions and Regenerate, Alex Padgett, to discuss this year’s festival and his expectations for the future. Check out our conversation below!

What inspired the creation of the Regenerate Festival, and how did it come to be Denver’s first house and techno-focused festival? 

From the creation of 128 in 2018 I was very (Alex Padgett) proactive in the underground house and techno scene in Denver. With the popularity of the genre expanding throughout the United states we wanted to bring Denver/CO its own specialized house and techno festival on a large scale. Not everyone has the means to spend money on festival tickets, travel, and accommodation outside of the state for an event in this genre. We wanted an amazing tasteful event right in the heart of this great city. 

Can you tell us about the vision and goals you had when you first conceptualized Regenerate? 

It was an ongoing process to say the least. A collaborative effort with 128 & AEG. We wanted to book a festival that was house/techno but also specialized to Denver’s taste. Simultaneously expanding the palate of festival goers. We love introducing new sounds and artists that you might not normally be able to experience here in Denver. That was the core of the idea. Denver felt like it needed something fresh and from this Regenerate was born.

How has the festival evolved from its inaugural year to now expanding into a two-day event? 

I think the goal of every festival is to come back better than the year before. The feedback from our fans after year one was everything. We knew that we had scratched an itch when it came to the Regenerate Festival scene. The goal for 2024 was to add more talent, production, and connection. At the core of Regenerate I believe it is all about connection. Connection to the fans, music, and our great city.

How do you go about selecting the artists and DJs for this year’s festival?

As you can see with our lineup we worked overtime to bring Denver in my opinion one of the best lineups of the summer in the United States. This is definitely the largest lineup within house and techno that Colorado has ever seen. There’s a lot that goes into the booking process. Again it’s a collaborative effort but a lot of the artists on the lineup are ones that we have worked with in the past at smaller venues and other AEG venues. 

Can you elaborate on the importance of featuring local artists alongside international acts? 

It’s everything. We have carefully selected an amazing group of local talent that is very proactive in the Denver underground scene. There is so much talent in this state and it makes it very hard to narrow it down. It’s a big deal for a local artist to have their name featured next names like Eric Prydz & John Summit.

Why did you choose Civic Center Park as the venue for the Regenerate Festival?

We wanted a site that was true to Denver. Civic center park has a lot of history when it comes to this city. Not only that but the site is beautiful. It’s hard to beat dancing in the grass in front of our state’s capitol building. Or getting lost in the below ground coliseum after dark.

Are there any special surprises or new elements that attendees can look forward to? 

Well we wouldn’t want to give too much away but I think that festival goers will be pleasantly surprised with the production/sound we have lined up. The site won’t be covered in snow like 2023. 

What are your long-term goals for the Regenerate Festival? 

We see Regenerate being a staple within 128 productions and the Denver music scene. As well as a destination event for people all over the united states.

Do you have plans to expand the festival further or introduce new elements in the coming years?

Of course. As I alluded to earlier, the goal is to expand the festival year after year and make sure we are bringing something fresh to the city while still encapsulating the magic that is 128 & Regenerate.

Cover Photo Credit / Connor Patrick