It’s not the easiest task to remix a classic, but DESTRUCTO and Wax Motif do a good job with it even though they're competing with our unwashed memories of a classic.

It’s not the easiest task to remix a classic. There are untouchable songs in the world which cannot and will not ever be enhanced – just made different. The featured banger released today is one such event, as the old version will forever live in millions of lives as a classic, but that doesn’t’ mean it can’t be fiddled with every so often to rekindle that deep flame we all feel for it.

HARD events founder Gary “DESTRUCTO” Richards and G-house pioneer Wax Motif (who plays a pivotal part in the soundscapes thrown in DESTRUCTO’s “West Coast EP”) have remixed one of the all time greatest classics and thrown it back to the forefront of our minds as if it never left. “Regulate” from Warren G and Nate Dogg (RIP) have gotten an electronic makeover, and while it’s a little choppy trying to compete with our unwashed memories, it does the song justice and gives it a nice modern twist.

Now say it with us all, “REGULATOOOOOORS!! Mount UP!”