Finally! A feel-good story from the news cycle … 

With all the gorilla-killing and Trump nonsense in the news nowadays, getting on the Internet almost seems like a sure-fire way to get depressed. Nothing good ever happens anymore. 

Except for the occasional flash of brightness, like this story. After many years of being a Christian deathcore band, The Order of Elijah's vocalist Shannon Low publicly renounced the band's faith and became a proud atheist deathcore band instead. 

He details the entire path that brought him to science, but since it's pretty long, we'll just link to it

Basically, he went through a ton of shit in his life, and some book written 3,000 years ago couldn't help him through it. Richard Dawkins' 2006 book The God Delusion, on the other hand, totally did the trick, and made him rethink what the hell he'd been doing with his life. 

Their Facebook page has swung far, far left almost overnight, and they've been met with a ton of support from the community. And since they're thinking for themselves now, it's hard not to get excited about it. They're also coming to Colorado mid-June, so if you like yelly, scary metal, you're in luck. 

To help celebrate, here's one of their singles:

Yeah, it's a little scary-sounding and there's a lot of yelling, but at least the message is good, not god.