Did we really need another reason to go out tonight? Not really, we were plenty good on the whole ‘getting away from the family’ thing, but we just so happened to have found one more. Tonight is the release party for a new compilation piece by Denver local collective Dirty // Clean. The album features work from electronic artists Dj Chap, Snubluck, Dawn Safari, Dailon, Moses and more.

Dirty // Clean is a music and arts collective label that was formed almost two years ago to the day. By their own assertion, Dirty // Clean is:

a community of artists who strive to push the bar, creating music with global sensibilities and fluid dance floor aesthetics. Our tastes lie in electronic music that is soulful – sounds that move the body as well as the mind.
Established on January 1, 2012 in Denver, CO, we have recently expanded to the San Francisco area. While our artists vary stylistically, there is a common thread holding the DIRTY//CLEAN crew together – a desire to push the boundaries of music, lifestyle and self-expression.

Download the entirety of the compilation here and if you like good things going into your mind through your side-face holes, be sure to click through all the artist pages to hear some of Denver’s best up and comers in the game.