Normally with anything Australian we approach with caution as many of the world's most posionous and dangerous creatures live on that continent. But with Emily Sears, we're disregarding the death threats and jumping in head first without the slightest bit of caution. And the world seems to be doing the same.

Her Instagram following has amassed over three-quarters of a million followers, each patiently waiting on baited breathe for the next sexy snapshot of the Australian beauty. As her profile exclaims, "My normal is your never" and honestly, she's probably right unless her normal is eating spicy Cheetos in a Bobby's World onesie to reruns of Married with Children and Saved By The Bell… Zack Morris is the man. 

She's a writer, a model, a spokesperson and most recently, the centerpiece wallpaper covering for our offices. If this is what Australia has to export along with its mediocre Fosters beer, poisonous or not, consider us happier than Crocodile Dundee with a wicked new shark hat and for that, we thank you Australia.