First, let's start with the basics: What is professional gaming? Professional gaming is a form of competitive video gaming in which players or teams compete for cash prizes. The most common genres of games played professionally are first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), and fighting games. 

So, how does one become a professional gamer? There's no one answer to that question, as there are many different ways to get into the professional gaming scene. Some players are signed by professional gaming organizations (teams), while others find success through online tournaments and leagues. There's no one right way to become a professional gamer; it depends on your individual skills and goals. 

Once you've decided to pursue a career in professional gaming, the next step is to start practicing and honing your skills. If you're serious about becoming a pro gamer, you'll need to put in the time and effort to improve your gameplay. This means spending hours upon hours playing games, studying strategies, and practicing with others. It’s a grueling process – that’s for sure. 


Show Grit & Determination 


The competition in professional gaming is fierce. To be successful, you'll need to be able to consistently outplay your opponents. This requires intense focus and concentration, as well as quick reflexes and sharp decision-making skills. If you're not mentally prepared for the challenges of professional gaming, it's likely that you won't be successful. This is true irrespective of the games you’re playing

While there is some stress involved in being a professional gamer, it's important to remember that it's also an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only can you make a good living playing video games, but you'll also have the opportunity to travel the world and meet other like-minded people. If you're willing to put in the hard work, a career in professional gaming can be an immensely gratifying experience.

Many professional gamers have lots of side hustles running at the same time. Think of the professional gamers with YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, and Facebook fan pages. The more followers you can generate, the greater your sphere of influence, and the bigger your advertising returns. It's all about showcasing your prowess to the world – lead the way and they will follow.


Dice Games and Dominoes – Are There Champions in the Wings? 

When it comes to iGaming, there are tons of games that experienced players can participate in. There are online casinos, brick and mortar establishments, as well as opportunities to play through apps on phones. While all of these options provide different ways to play, they all have one thing in common: the possibility to win or lose money. While many folks consider themselves pro-gamers with dice games like Sic Bo, Craps, Backgammon, Dominoes and the like, there is a distinction to be drawn between skill-based games and chance-based games.

Some players are exceptionally talented at dice games, and luck seems to follow them on their journey to success. While we can certainly attest to the presence of professional casino players, many of them only get street cred for playing games like blackjack and poker – both of them where players are engaged in decision-making processes. In blackjack, players use basic strategy and advantage play to get the better of the dealer. In poker, it's about reading the lay of the cards – the flop, turn and river – as well as the cards your opponents are holding.
Granted, the broad tent of professional gaming welcomes players across the spectrum. It's important to understand that winning and losing come with the territory. If you can't take the heat in this competitive milieu, you best fox-trot it out of the kitchen!