Welcome to another round of "Does It Look Like A Penis?" On today's show, we have a special object for your guessing pleasure. So get your fallic intuitions ready, we're heading to Illinois. 

It's an amazing time in the world when a small-town church in some random American city gains international notoriety not for its accomplishments but for the way its building resembles a large one-eyed monster. The Illinois Christian Science Church doesn't like it's new-found internet fame and it's understandable as to why, the church, when viewed from Google maps, looks like a giant penis. Luckily, Huffington Post was on the case to determine whether or not the architect intended to design the building to be shaped like a penis when viewed from above. 

"We didn’t design it to be seen from above," Scott Shepherd told SaukValley.com last week. 

The church, which is located in the town of Dixon (indeed), was designed by an architect who McLane guesses "probably" designed it that way by accident, according to SaukValley.com. Shepherd noted that the shape makes sense for the needs of the church because it allows for ample natural light as well as space for a sanctuary.

We still aren't sure. Something tells us the architect designed the building knowing damn well what he was doing and fully intended for when Google Maps was invented twenty years later, for the structure to be viewed like a fallic palace.

Our one qualm, the balls are a little small. Jesus wouldn't be pleased about that.