Most of the time, when people brew beer, they brew it with one intention: for people to drink it.

But apparently, for the masters brewing out of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware, that’s has gotten to be a little too easy. They’ve been crafting delicious, high quality beer for so long, so consistently that they needed to mix it up. So, they stepped up and out of the box to make a beer that not only tastes great, but which can actually, also develop Kodak Super 8 film… if that’s what you want to use a $12.99 six pack for.

Yes, an indie craft beer, brewed by one of the most respected craft breweries in the nation, that doubles as a developer’s “stop bath.” Why not? After all, this is the age of unnecessarily hip, over-the-top complex beer recipes. And, besides, what beer could a hipster enjoy more than a fruity, sour gose that can also be used to develop obscure, vintage film reels?

It seems like Dogfish Head may have just struck hipster gold.

Boysenberry, elderberry, prickly pear, rasberry, blackberry, kiwi, apple, quinoa and sea salt apparently make beer that can develop film. (Photo courtesy of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery)

The brewery’s founder and CEO, Sam Calagione came up with the concept for SuperEIGHT after listening to a Kodak podcast, where he learned that a beer with a low enough pH could be used to develop Super 8 film. Excited by the idea he reached out to Kodak, and a beautiful new partnership was born, with a beautiful new project to embark upon.

And, for all its chemical properties and photographic applications, SuperEIGHT also tastes really great. It’s brewed with a slurry of “heroic fruit and quinoa” and with a load of red Hawaiian sea salt. The flavor is explosively fruity, tangy, and refreshing.

“It smacks of berries,” says Calagione, who calls SuperEIGHT, the “Analogue Beer for the Digital Age.”

So if you like good sour beer, fruity flavors and/or Super 8 film, Dogfish Head has a beer you should probably check out. Look at their Fish Finder if you want to try and snag a pack near you.

And if you test its developmental qualities with some Kodak Super 8 film, let us know how that goes. We’re going to be busy drinking the stuff.