When we think of advertising agencies we only have 6 seasons of Mad Men to draw accurate references from. So when we saw the new commercial for the HP Chromebook last night, we were curious as to what well-dressed man thought of the idea to bring back a best one-off classic of the 2000s? With all the mid-day whiskey drinks, sleeping with secretaries and rampant sexual harassment, we can’t fathom there’s enough time in an ad-execs schedule to surf webs, but… then again, Don Draper is a crafty mother fucker – he knows all.

The song we’re talking about is “Move Your Feet” and was written and released by a Danish pop duo called Junior Senior. There wasn’t a whole lot of fuss about it initially – not until the video came out anyways – and gained solid accord when the loveable nut smashing squirrel scurried into all our lives. The low-resolution pixel art animation that accompanied the song blasted the tune into sub-conscious notoriety and unfortunately remained as such until HP recently triggered the forgotton memory with its new commercial for some technology thing that does unnecessary somethings in lazy people’s lives.

Apparently the ad didn’t work as well as HP had hoped. No matter. It at least reminded us to go and download the song again so that we never go through a ten-year break from it in the future. Thanks Don Draper!