"Plus sized"? More like, "hotter than hell."

Have you ever seen a world-famous model in real life? They look nothing like they do in the pages of any magazine. What with all of the nipping and tucking and Photoshopping, they look a little less sexy and more like an alien life-form. 

That's why we're psyched to see a woman that looks like an actual human finally gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue: Ashley Graham.

Instead of looking like a nightmare skeleton, she looks like a real person. We can dig that. And seeing a pretty, normal-sized lady is bound to make other ladies less self-conscious about not looking like nightmare skeletons, and we totally dig on that too. 

Just today, she made the big announcement that she'd been picked.

She's also a big activist for body acceptance and women's rights, and we couldn't agree more. There's nothing sexier than a woman who feels good about herself. 

If you need some extra examples of what she's workin' with, you can check out her Instagram