Odd13 Brewing
Lafayette, Colo.

Since: 2013
Founders: Kristin and Ryan Scott
Label Artists: Jesse Glenn (Twitter: @jthomasglenn) and Kyrie Wozab (IG: @sporatichromatics)
Fan Favorites: Jetman Jimmy (Golden Ale), Noob (Pale Ale) and Admiral Abyss (Chocolate Stout)

When founders Kristin and Ryan Scott moved to Colorado in 2010, they couldn’t help but notice the craft beer scene’s domination. And like many others with a twinkle in their eye, the couple wanted a phat piece of it. Six years later it’s grown into a wild display of what happens when you throw beer into good-looking cans, done up by artists Jesse Glenn and Kyrie Wozab. With unique recipes and even more stand-out label concepts, Odd13 is a save-the-universe drink with a super-style image.