It’s no secret that Colorado has some of the shittiest drivers you’ve ever had the pleasure of flipping off on C470. Yet, the other day, we found ourselves hoping that it was only a matter of time before another American metro area received a mass migration of people who learned to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto, and then maybe, just maybe, Colorado wouldn’t be at the forefront of having the nation’s shittiest drivers.
Then, last month, a driving instructor rammed a car into the front of a driving education school in Lakewood and completely sealed our fate to continue to be mocked on internet platforms for the foreseeable future.
The picture featured a Honda SUV hanging its rear axles on the windows of a business labeled “Learn to Drive,” and it went viral almost too fucking fast, giving us no choice but to cringe in horror as drivers in Colorado continued to be cyberbullied for what we’re willing to admit is actually a super valid frustration amongst all of our fellow state inhabitants.
The good news is that we heard a rumor that the instructor communicated his intentions to ram into the building by using his blinker, which sounds like progress to us.