But the excuse is reserved for only a lucky few …

It’s no real secret that booze brings out the worst in some people. While most humans can handle themselves after a few, some people just have a switch, a drunk personality if you will, that causes them to instantly become ‘that person.’ The next thing you know, they’re trying to give the Uber driver a handy ‘for the story’ or it’s last call and they’re well on their way to an epic whisky-induced 20 minute rope-pushing sesh on a dog bed somewhere in Aurora.

Oddly enough, scientists have finally discovered the cause for this kind of drunken impulsivity:

Drunk dickdom is nothing more than the result of a mutation in just one gene, HTR2B. This gene is used by our bodies to create serotonin receptors in parts of the brain which play a crucial role in basic decision making and self-control according to a Finnish study. A simple mutation in HTR2B makes all the biological difference between simply going to bed after a billion beers or deciding to message an ex a barrage of misspelled Adele lyrics at 4:00 a.m.

As noted by Roope Tikkanen, a psychiatrist at the University of Helsinki in the journal Translational Psychiatry, people who have this gene mutations are not alcoholics as defined by their daily/weekly intake. These individuals are simply more likely to lose control when they do imbibe.

“We wanted to take a look at healthy people in the general population to check if this mutation had any effects, Tikkanen told The Guardian. “The most interesting finding was that it caused impulsive behavior while under intoxication, and that included impulsive sex, impulsively spending money, and driving under the influence,” he continued.

The study noted the gene is present in just over two percent of the larger population, meaning the overwhelming majority of us degenerates have no predisposition and unfortunately no excuse come Sunday morning.