Believe it or not, ISIS isn’t in the competitive leisure and retail market just yet …

The Paris attacks were at the forefront of most our minds over the weekend. However, after ISIS claimed responsibility for the murders, some dumbass Denverites let their irrational xenophobia run wild when they decided to vandalize a local business named ‘Isis Books & Gifts’ … a small Colorado business which has been open in Denver for over 35 years.

An unidentified person or a group of idiots hurled a brick through the storefront sign last night, causing a great bit of damage. The owner of the bookstore, Karen Charboneau-Harrison, says this is the fourth time the bookstore has been vandalized in the past few months.

"We're all very heartbroken (about the Paris attacks) so I don't know if somebody walking down the street just saw our name on the sign and kind of lost it for a moment and threw a rock through it," Charboneau-Harrison told CNN, "or if it was an ignorant person who actually thought this was a bookstore for terrorists. I don't know."

Well, let's set the record straight, shall we? Isis Books & Gifts’ name is derived from the Egyptian goddess of birth and healing not the marauding, ancient ruin-demolishing, beheading terrorist organization. You don't go looking for "Harry Potter" at the fucking jihadist literature store, do you? No, you don't. Who would’ve thunk it…

In fact, ‘Isis’ isn’t even an uncommon product or store name in this country; it’s actually quite popular. As noted by CNN, in the US alone more “than 270 products or business names among active federal trademarks use ‘ISIS" in their names. None of these participate in kidnapping, ransom or have nuclear ambitions.

Plus, even if every small business with "ISIS" in its name were a satellite office of the actual terrorist organization, do you really think a fucking brick through their window is going to make a difference? Like you're going to put a definitive halt to all terrorist activities because you garnered enough tricep strength to fling a three-pound rectangular thing through some glass? We get that you're all frustrated by the tragedy in Paris (and elsewhere), so are we, but these little adolescent bursts of misguided anger only make you look like a bigoted, blubbering douchebag. We'd like to through a brick at you, how about that? Great. See you there.

The owners of Isis Books & Gifts are concentrating their energy on moving forward; however, a name change probably isn’t in the cards. The owners have a different plan in mind, one that's piquing the interest of the media and political leaders worldwide. On their Facebook page, they are urging followers to get the world to refer to the terrorist organization by the Arab acronym: al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham, or "Daesh," instead of the semantically indeterminate "ISIS." It turns out, the group hates that name, and calling them Daesh instead of ISIS is really going to piss them off, as it roughly translates to what we'd say in English as "bigots" or "fuckwads."

Meanwhile, maybe people should potentially give a moment’s pause and let an idea steep in their stunted neurons before acting with the impulsivity in which one makes decisions in the cereal aisle.

Good fucking grief.