The small Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by a gnarly Earthquake in 2018.

In fact, it was struck by five separate waves of Earthquakes — a deadly ordeal that left 563 people dead, displaced 417,000 more and leveled, among many other buildings, the SDN 1 Senggigi elementary school.

It was devastating. That school was a haven for the children of Lombok, a place where they could escape their day-to-day and learn and socialize and grow together. Without it, many felt totally lost.

That’s why a group of 254 of those pupils still gathers for class every day, beside the rubble and ruin of their old school, under temporary tent shelters to protect them from the blistering Indonesian sun. It is a sad and constant reminder of the loss and the tragedy that struck their community so unexpectedly and so violently over a year prior. Making it terribly difficult for the children to overcome the trauma of that event.

Enough was enough, though. Nine of those students decided that they needed to take action to rebuild their school, and they were going to do it with the power of art.

And so, they began. These young activist-artists started drawing pictures, illustrations of their village, depicting the parts of it which they loved most. Those illustrations then went to nine different street artists from around the world, who gladly lent their artistic talent to the cause. They transform the children’s illustrations into awesome Tee-Shirt graphics, colorful representations of the original artwork that express the high vibrancy and emotion that this whole situation is so charged with.

As of today (July 11th) these sick tees are available for purchase on the Face This website. They’re “29,95 euro” (AKA $33.71 freedom notes) and all proceeds go directly to rebuilding the SDN 1 Senggigi elementary school.

Not only will you look fly A.F. in your dope new tee, you’ll feel good about what your money went to support. Here's a look at some of the artwork and the t-shirts that came out of the project: