And people elected this guy? 

Everyday, we think, "Man, those asshats in government just can't say anything dumber." And every single day, they go out of their way to prove us wrong. The latest stream of hot garbage comes courtesy of New Hampshire State Rep. Josh Moore and his take on women breastfeeding in public. 

Even though boobs are used almost exclusively for feeding babies (and have been since the beginning of time), and even though no one asked his stupid-ass opinion, he took it upon himself to save humanity from the indignity of ever seeing a mother feed her child. 

There was a new bill proposed in New Hampshire that would attach a misdemeanor charge to any woman who “purposely exposes the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts in a public place and in the presence of another person with reckless disregard for whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by such act.”

Let's not dig too deep into the scenario they've imagined here, or who they're aiming to protect from these roving gangs of women exposing their breasts to deliberately offend and alarm people.

The bill was solely supported by Republicans. Big surprise there. 

And then, New Hampshire State Rep. Josh Moore said on Facebook that men should be allowed to grab the nipples of breastfeeding mothers if the law banning women exposing their breasts did not pass.

We can hear you slapping yourself on the forehead right now.

First, he can't spell. But more importantly, he's arguing that men should be able to grab a stranger's exposed breast. Why? Because they're horny sex-beasts that can't control their natural urges or understand society or anything. God, what a dumb ass. Thankfully, several people couldn't let it pass without pointing out how fucking stupid this guy is. 

And when fellow lawmaker New Hampshire State Rep. Amanda Bouldin was critical of his stupid-ass opinion, one of his stupid-ass buddies State Rep. Al Baldasaro sprang into action to make fun of her boobs. Because these are our elected officials. 

“Amanada, No disrespect, but your nipple would be the last one I would want to see. You want to turn our family beach’s into a pervert show. Liberterians want a nude beach, put your money together and buy one, if you want to expose you kids to nudity, go for it. Some of us liberty minded Reps do beleive in family values.”

Again, don't dig too deep to examine what the hell this guy is even trying to say, because you'll lose your mind. We're never going to New Hampshire, ever.