Mailing taxes: good. Waiting until you're high on drugs: bad.

We've all been there: raving our faces off, having the time of our lives listening to live music … when we remember our taxes. Shit. We left them in the car, and we totally forgot to mail them before the drugs kicked in. 

If this happened to you at Coachella this past weekend, you really only had one option (other than leaving and finding a real post office). This place.

Of course, it's not a real post office — it's made of goddamn Lincoln Logs — but that didn't stop idiots from somehow bringing their taxes and trying to mail them off anyway before Monday's deadline. 

According to Mercury News, the post office isn’t actually a real post office. Instead, it’s a little half art project, half post office outpost designed for $2 post cards and shipping out merchandise bought at the festival. Many post cards, however, do not arrive at their destination due to bad penmanship — which has long been a symptom of attending a music festival, especially in the digital age. Still, the site reports, many attendees are thoughtful enough “to send Grandma a drunken letter.”

Apparently 10 people have tried to post their tax returns from the festival, evidently forgetting about Tax Day until one of the 180,000 people present mentioned it.

These people inadvertently made life harder for Megan Hampton, the poor unofficial postmaster who had to deal with these shenanigans and was pretty sick of people:

"No, I can’t ‘just take it,’" Hampton said to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. "How do they have their taxes here? I don’t know."

So remember: taxes first, then drugs. Never forget.