Everyone’s favorite pigmentally challenged rapper Eminem, aka Slim Mathers, aka Shady Marshall has just released the video for his single “Survival.” The single boasts production credits from super-humans Rick Rubin, DJ Khalil and Dr. Dre – so of course we had to bite. 

While it took us a while to understand the video game inserts throughout (give us a break, it’s early), the video actually plays fairly well into the standard plug for the product it represents. “Survival” was a bonus track for everyone who pre-ordered the game “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” We didn't know, because, well, we had shit to do besides pre-ordering video games. But needless to say the video doesn’t stray far, if at all, from the CoD concept.

With that said, we’re going on record now by saying that we knew cargo pants were going to make a comeback, we just weren’t sure when. Ladies and gentlemen, consider this their comeback.