Sophomore albums for musicians are sketchy, at best, and a complete disaster, at worst (*coughMGMTcough*). It’s generally the album that’s rushed by artists because of the short, fuse-like fanfare and heightened pressure from labels to keep the hype-machine going if an initial debut is wildly popular with buyers. It’s – really – the album that can make or break a band’s career, and all depends on the current wave of trends and whether or not there’s a decent licensing team to back it up. We tread ever so lightly with second releases.

But the guys in Foster The People have taken their time with their newest “Supermodel” release. It’s been almost 3 years since “Torches” was given to the drones. The debut album is the bands first work on a large scale and it includes the insanely ubiquitous hit “Pumped Up Kicks.” We all remember that one from its appearances in fifty-seven commercials, thirteen television episodes and about fifty thousand YouTube clips (numbers obviously not true to actual use, brainiac). So the boots to fill on this release were rather large ones.

And we definitely think they’ve managed to bridge the sophomore-curse on “Supermodel.” But we’re not here to make up your minds for you. We believe in you, and your erratic choices. Listen below and let us know what you think. Or don’t. It’s, again, up to you, you beautiful crotch-devils, you.