Are you about that life? The Dada Life?

Are you about that life? The Dada Life?

The Swedish electronic duo that’s known for its over-the-top performances and unconventional promotional style isn’t anything to call basic. From its love of bananas and champagne to holding multiple Guinness World Records for the ‘largest pillow fight’ and having the ‘most people dressed up as fruit’ at their shows, Dada Life is trying to rewrite what it means to head a culture.

It’s doing so by distancing the persona from other acts seemingly on cruise control, with bland formats already in place — a plug and play method of branding. Members Stefan Engblom and Olle Cornéer avoid that at all costs, often asking its fans to participate, too. It’s why the act dubbed themselves Dada Life, because what they want out of this whole thing is a way of existing, not being solely a corporate shill for overpriced entertainment.

With that, there are rules to approaching Dada Life for coverage. Just like many others in the industry, the duo is tired of the easy, repetitive questions the press asks of every other DJ on the docket. So we went completely rando with Dada Life and asked them everything we’ve always wanted to know about T-Swizzle, sharks and pooping without a phone handy.

1. What do you think Taylor Swift dreams about?

Stefan Engblom: "Pink fluffy clouds with Calvin Harris dancing around on them dressed as a unicorn. I hope she dreams of that anyway."

2. Reading strangers’ thoughts — is it sci-fi fantasy or the future of communication?

Olle Cornéer: "Depends on what you mean. Actually reading them is sci-fi, but Google and other companies are already reading our thoughts — whether we want it or not."

3. Exactly how frightening are saltwater sharks?

Stefan: "I actually read yesterday that one particular beach in Recife in Brazil is one of the most dangerous in the world. I remember swimming there two years ago. But sure, sharks are scary. They look mean."

4. You forget to take your phone with you when going to the bathroom, how does one go about passing the time in this kind of a traumatic situation?

Olle: "Whistling and clapping."

5. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve asked Google lately?

Stefan: "Where is that damn on/off button on the PS4? Everytime!"

// Dada Life w/ Jauz, Paper Diamond, Ilan Bluestone and Aryay @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Saturday, May 21