So that whole 'staying in' thing sounds quite nice right about now …

You have every right as an American citizen to go out into the world, have a bunch of drinks, and then proceed to make a complete ass out of yourself as many times as possible. As a society, we've deemed that a perfectly acceptable behavioral trait, and in some parts, even encourage it and lift it high as though it's some sort of a badge of honor (looking at you 'sports').

But when you cross over the line of decency, a fine gray area between being the hilarious lush and a complete nightmare, there are a few things you may want to consider. One, a camera is always on you, always. Sometimes even dozens of them. Second, the Internet is one big archive for bad behavior and people love to watch others in their most vulnerable times. Case in point, another Uber passenger acting like a complete twat for no reason. And the way in which the driver handles it.

Literally the second word out of her mouth after a seemingly nice greeting was to chastise the driver for picking their drunk asses up to get them home safely — a few blocks away on a crowded street.

Tempers flare, swearing ensues, another beautiful night in the city.

Staying in never sounded so good.