There's nothing more telling than the eyes of a character …


Sandi Calistro
Owner / Artist Ritual Tattoo & Gallery

2033 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Do you have any pets?
Oh yeah. Two dogs and a cat. I hope to have a whole pack of dogs one day.

Favorite Sesame Street character?
Definitely Oscar the Grouch.

Favorite places in Denver to have adult drinks?
At the moment, Thin Man (2015 E. 17th Ave Pkwy, Denver).

What else do you get into besides art?
Ah, not much honestly. The occasional motorcycle ride — I also like to get out for a run when the weather is right.

Favorite mediums to work with?
Acrylic on wood is what I do most of the time. I’ve also done a couple of murals and worked with spray paint, which is pretty fun too.

Was your family supportive of you wanting to be a tattoo artist when you told them?
Absolutely. They were both already tattooed, so they pushed me towards it when I expressed interest.

Have you ever messed up on a tattoo, like really bad?
Hmm. No. I mean, I hope not. [laughs]

What’s the most awkward tattoo you’ve ever done?
I attempted eyeliner once, I’m not sure that counts as awkward. It was definitely scary being so close to someone’s eyeball with a needle!

What kinds of things keep you motivated to keep doing what you do?
I’m motivated every day to make art. Being creative keeps me centered. Creating with other artists gives me tons of motivation lately. The crew I work with at the tattoo shop, they are all prolific artists and they keep me very inspired.

Are there ever times when you don’t want to be an artist anymore?
Never. I knew when I was little and it’s never changed.

What are some accomplishments you’re most proud of?
The murals I was so lucky to create around town (City O’ City, Luxe de Vil Salon, etc.), the tattoos I’ve made and owning my own tattoo shop!

Where can people find/buy your work?
I mostly sell through my social media at the moment.
Instagram: @SandiCalistro