Should we feel sorry for the family that blew their life savings on Beanie Babies? No. We're actually hoping the whole clan will be the next recipient of the Darwin Awards. Sure, death might be a little harsh, but there's no place in our hearts for stupidity like this. If we're supposed to believe Mr Robinson collected Beanie Babies in a bid to send the three sons to college, then we'd also believe that Wiener will stop sending dick pics and Eliot Spitzer will stop banging prostitutes. A zebra doesn't change it's stripes and we need another drink.

Via Daily Mail: Chris Robinson's father started collecting the cuddly toys in the belief they would make a great investment. But the Los Angeles family realized there was a problem when, after spending $100,000 on the stuffed animals, there was still no return on the investment.

Surrounded by boxes of the cuddly toys, his father opens the film by telling the camera: 'This is like admitting to a drug addiction, you know, you want to forget it. ' He goes on to describe how at first his three sons enjoyed collecting the toys, but one by one their interest waned to the point where he only continued to pursue his obsession in the hope it would make a financial return.