Today’s “The f*ck …” comes from Keys N Krates, a multi-something-or-other trio from Toronto that has more than just a few musical tricks up their Canadian flannels. Watch as the act influences small children while simultaneously giving us hope for the next generation of world leaders who understand the bass drop.

Welcome to “The Fuck Did We Just Watch Wednesday,” where we try and explain away failed comprehension of something we see online that treads on the invisible line between bizarre and brilliant.

This is stuff we couldn’t let just sit in our inbox.

Keys N Krates is an eclectic trio of multi-instrumentalists from Toronto that came together in 2008 with an ambition to blend each of their respective talents on stage. Often referred to as a “trap band,” the genre specification may be adequate enough for some, but drummer Adam Tune explains in the act’s online bio that it really doesn’t matter what people call them, it’s just a label, and he doesn’t plan on pigeonholing himself because of it.

“At the end of the day, people are going to call us whatever they want,” Tune says. “We are referencing everything from classic house music to Timbaland in our beats, but I think the trap references tap into what the current sound is, and we are okay with that.”

But the music is only a portion of what the trio uses to engage tune-craving fans. Along with their addictive and booty-bouncy dance music there’s creative video work, which is ripe with hilarity. In 2013’s “Dum Dee Dum” we watch the film’s director Mike Howey invade a Mennonite farm community with the aggressive song on blast. Viewers catch the shock and awe of a secluded colony that has little to no knowledge of electronic music. The boom-boom-baps seem to be too much, and the result is priceless.

The fuck did we just watch today though? Another banger from Keys N Krates, it would appear.

The video for “Are We Faded” is a gem. Conveniently enough, this video’s concept had little to do with the creative team, as the entire release is a gift from a young Toronto dance troupe. The young fans allegedly made a home movie of a recital they had performed and, after sending it to Keys N Krates, the trio released it as the official video – and we can see why they did.

It has everything a “The Fuck…” video needs, from sad dads sulking away life in the corner to small children awaiting the inimitable bass drop. It even features a few little rascals who sneak in their hockey sticks to maliciously disturb the dancers mid-performance.

Parenting, they’re doing it right …

Every Nite – The Tour w/ Keys N Krates / gLAdiator and Thugli
Where: The Gothic Theatre (3263 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80113)
When: Thursday, Oct 9, 2014 – Doors @ 8:00 pm
Ages: 16 & Over
How Much: Pre-sale $22.75 – Day of Show $25.00