Israeli female soldiers have discovered that their best assets might not be the giant guns they tout around with them during combat. Instead, they've resorted to flaunting their God-given features in a series of photos that's become a common occurrence among the young Israeli female soldiers. Social media outlets provide the perfect growing fanbase for these seductive soldiers and they aren't holding back. Belive it or not, the military isn't happy about it. 

In a statement, the military said the women had acted in a manner showing 'unbecoming behaviour' for Israeli soldiers, adding: 'The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting.'

We bet they did.

Most Israeli men and women are required to join the army at the age of 18. By the looks of these photos and the below video, something tells us recruiting males isn't a problem. 

1. Guns n' Underwear

2. Don't get caught with your pants down

3. Those are big guns

If the U.S. had military videos like this, we wouldn't have to worry about instituting a draft.