The festival never has to end with the Festy Box.

There’s a certain amount of gusto needed when hitting the festival circuit. Whether that comes in the form of the faithful pocket shots or decorative space shirts, we all have our guilty pleasures and demands. And where there are demands, there’s a company willing to fulfill them. Enter Festy Box, a subscription-based company that will mail a monthly box of festival goodness directly to your door depending on your Wook taxonomy. By curating with brands, artists and vendors, Festy Box develops themed boxes like the “Blast Off” box we received, ensuring that you never feel the empty, cold hollowness of festival season ending and your face-paint disintegrating.

Contained inside these hallowed cardboard walls: Miscellaneous assorted art, kandi, beef jerky and either a deodorant bar or a water bottle (we can't remember … who can remember?)

But while Festy Box satiates the majority of our festival needs, they're missing a hat offering to shield our glittery faces from el sol. So, here are a few head gear options for those who despise a facial sunburn:

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