Ahhh, the sweet comforting sounds of frenetic punk paired with the warm historical fortitude of hip-hop. This is Ho99o9, and they're here to fuck you up.

Before the duo makes its way to Denver, we sat them down to play America's favorite interview game: Final Word[s]. Here, blueface and Yeti Bones talk Fettuccine, bedtime joints and why you should be a good person lest a fist in the face is what you're asking for.

Catch the crew on tour with 3teeth through the end of April! (poster below)

The last thing I ate: 
theOGM (blueface): Italian … Fettuccine Pasta, Marinara, w/Salmon.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): A banana, I’m always looking for the potassium fix.

The last thing I regret eating: 
theOGM (blueface): This veggie burger from last night.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): My hair.

The last thing I do before I go to bed at night: 
theOGM (blueface): Smoke a joint / spliff.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Masturbate, watch Slipknot Funny Moments on YouTube & I’ll listen to Sade occasionally.

The last time I fell in love: 
theOGM (blueface): August of 2016.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): A few nights ago in Columbus.

The last time I played Colorado: 
theOGM (blueface): Few months back in Keystone, ski resort for Zumiez w/ Lil Uzi Vert & DJ Marshmallow.

If it was my last day on earth, I'd… 
theOGM (blueface): Kiss my mom.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Head out to the desert, take some acid then have a full court basketball game with God.

The last time someone did something incredibly kind for me: 
theOGM (blueface): Recently actually, I got a care package, some wonderful get well / stay well remedies for tour.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Just got a free Lyft ride in Newport, Kentucky from a very kind gentleman.

The last thing that goes through my mind before taking the stage: 
theOGM (blueface): Wish I could shit before.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Stage dive first song or don’t stage dive first song.

The last impressions I'd like to leave on the crowd: 
theOGM (blueface): Love.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Euphoria.

The last best piece of advice someone gave you: 
theOGM (blueface): Stay healthy , get them teeth cleaned lol.

The last musician that really impressed you: 
theOGM (blueface): SZA.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Mike Patton.

Any lasting words of advice for readers: 
theOGM (blueface): Wear a helmet when I see u.
Eaddy (Yeti Bones): Be kind, don’t be a dick or asshole, because someone will eventually fuck you up.

[cover photo Hadas Di]