Hello ladies and gentleman (and everyone in between), welcome to another fun-filled installment of the world's most favorite online interview adventure game dubbed "Final Word[s]" — where Rooster Magaine asks artists/comedians/politicians (hell even the neighborhood garbage man if we could get ahold of him) a series of questions relating to "lasts" and "finals" until they're blue in the neck.

Today's guest is Australia-based electronic DJ and producer Opiuo; a man that likes to make his fans' hips sway and fists pump ever-so-wildly in the air. Soon he'll be embarking on a tour in support of his most recent release Syzygy 01. What's best, is the tour will bring him — along with special guests — to the lauded Red Rocks Amphitheatre on April 21, a special live performance accompanied by the 20-piece "Syzygy Orchestra."

Here's what he had to say.

The last thing I ate: 
"Mushroom, Pepper & Truffle Pasta."

The last thing I regret eating: 
"Too much sushi."

The last dog I pet was named:

What I want etched on my tombstone:
"All Aboard The Rocket Ship!"

The last time I said "I love you": 
"This morning."

If it was my last day on earth, I'd… 
"Be with my closest family and friends and sky dive into a wild party on a beach."

The last time I had a McRib: 

The last thing that goes through my mind before taking the stage: 
"The first songs melody I have to play and 'Have fun, take risks.'"

The last time I gave up: 
"I can’t remember ever truly giving up. Just adjust and make it work."

The last best piece of advice someone gave you: 
"To relax. Everything will work out eventually in its own way."

The last thing I do getting ready in the morning is: 
"Contemplate a second coffee."

What I want my fans to take away from live shows:
"To be transported out of reality and into the land of bass heavy funkified freedom town."

Any lasting words of advice for readers: 
"You’re the only version of yourself that will ever exist. Every dream you have is totally possible, it might require compromise and time to get there, but do not give up."