Save the eye-roll, Danielle Bregoli doesn’t give a fuuuuuck.

After being splattered on memes worldwide, the viral personality took the opportunity to build a music career as Bhad Bhabie — a hustle that recently garnered a certified gold status for the single “Hi Bich” (and subsequently made her the youngest female rapper in history to chart on the Billboard’s Hot 100). Now she’s on tour, nominated for awards, and giving Rooster readers a Final Word[s] mouthful before running the stage.

Last thing you ate? 
French fries.

Last person you told to ‘fuck off’: 

Last show you watched on Netflix? 
On My Block. It’s a show about a girl and her three friends. She’s young and a secret slut. Great show.

When you die, what do you want on your gravestone? 
“Bye Bich”

Last song you heard that you hated? 
I don’t want to say. Not trying to make people get in their feelings.

What’s the first thing you do after finishing a song? 
Play it 55 times.

Who was the last person you texted and why? 
My security Frank. I asked if he could beat someone up for me since he in Miami right now.

Last thing you told a paparazzi? 
That I like 6ix9ine’s music, but I don’t like 6ix9ine.

Favorite Disney movie ending? 
The mermaid bullshit. Ariel is her name, right?

When was the last time you had a hamburger? 
Twenty minutes ago.

Three things you do before going to bed: 
Go on Instagram, go on Snapchat, and brush my teeth.

Last video you released? Are you happy with how it came out?
Yea I likes the ‘Hi Bich’ remix vid. That was the first one I did with other artists … it was fun.

When did you last listen to Drake? 
Like an hour ago.

If you only had one dollar left, what would you use it for? 
I’d sign it and sell it for $2. Then repeat.

Finally, what’s your advice for people wanting to be rap superstars? 
Chase your dreams, don’t chase the biches.

[cover photo courtesy Atlantic Records]