In the eyes of longevity, few have been able to capitalize on the electronic scene quite like Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. Before headlining this year’s ARISE Music Festival in August, Garza unloads on us about his day-to-day.

What was the last thing you did before sitting down to answer our questions?
Walked along the beach in New Plymouth, New Zealand; looking for a cafe to sit down. 

What was the last thing you ate?
Streaky bacon, maple syrup & banana pikelet.

Tell us about your last time being nervous before an appearance. 
The last one was probably at the Kennedy Center when we played with the National Symphony Orchestra. I used to go see the symphony perform there, so I never imagined I would have the opportunity of playing there. 

What was your last job before making music a full-time gig?
I worked for a company that specialized in doing counter-terrorism, aviation security and private investigations. 

What song or performance was the last time you were exceptionally proud of Thievery Corporation?
Burning Man at Robot Heart was one of my favorite shows just because it was such a magical experience seeing all of the art cars come together; and the fact that we could pull the band together to give this gift to the playa was special. 

Last time you got road rage?
I Uber everywhere, so sometimes I get Uber rage after they cancel on me after waiting a long time.

The last time a stranger was kind to me was … 
Just being on tour, there are so many people each day that are kind to both me and the band to make us feel a little more at home on the road. 

If it was my last day on Earth, I would … 
Spend time with my family.

The last book I read was ____ and it was ____.
The last book I read was “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland and it was really good.

When was the last time you were starstruck and why?
I met Noel Gallagher from Oasis backstage. I am not usually starstruck, but I thought about how many great songs he has written and the more I thought about it, I was really impressed. He was really nice, and down to earth.

The last musician that really impressed you?
The person who impressed me the most — and we had the opportunity to open for him at FedEX field in Washington D.C. — was Paul McCartney. He wanted to meet us the day before, and I never in my life thought I would have the opportunity to open for a Beatle.

What are the lasting impressions you want to leave on an audience?
Thievery Corporation is more than a downtempo/chill out act. There is a lot of energy, diversity and great musical talent that emanates from the live show.

Any lasting words or advice for our readers?
Be careful on whose advice you take.

Thievery Corporation headlines ARISE Music Festival, going on August 3-5, 2018 in Loveland, Colorado. Tickets @