As if you didn't already love Florida for the alligator invasion and massive idiot population, well, there's this…In an effort to spread the holiday cheer, gambling-addiction style, Florida cops handed out lotto tickets instead of citations to speeding drivers yesterday.

If you're speeding in Florida on Christmas Day, your actions could have some dire consequences…like a thousand dollar cash prize!

That's because in an effort to "spread the holiday cheer," police along Florida's Space Coast handed out lottery tickets instead of citations to speeding drivers all day yesterday, fueling both gambling addictions and a desire to floor it all the way up to that squad car.

By 1p.m. on Christmas day, more than 30 lottery tickets were supplied to people who endangered their lives and those of others by sucking at driving.

"We're just doing a little bit of a different technique," said Sgt. Jamie Rocque.

"When we pull the motorists over, we're also giving them the scratch-off tickets that the officers bought with their own personal funds. It's something good to do in light of the holidays. We're getting a lot of surprised looks…people don't know what to say," Rocque said.

We guess it makes sense that this would happen in Florida…NASCAR is huge in there after all. Getting rewarded for driving like a dick seems pretty standard. Merry Christmas!