Sexual assault is never, ever, funny, except when it's at the hands of four 200lb women. An unidentified man thought he was laying some sweet game on four plus-sized honeys at a Toronto nightclub, but it turned out he was the one being hunted. The four women offered to give a the man a ride home, however rather than taking him home, they drove to a secluded parking lot and sexually assaulted him in the back of their Honda SUV. Unfortunately, there are no details on what kind of unspeakable acts were committed, but we suspect it went something like this: Four women, light blue eyes, double-chins, and turkey thighs. His heart raced as he walked in the door, and introduced himself to the four. The biggest of the four, asked if he wanted some more. He said he would have to wait a minute and think. They said it was fine and offered to buy him a drink. One drink turned into three or four and he went to their car, and they drove away some place real far. The ladies asked if he'd like to have a little fun. He said if only he could be on his way, he would not run. That's when things got out of control. He didn't want to. They said, "Let's go!" He said, "No way!" They said, "It's your lucky day, shut your mouth, because we're going to do it the plus-sized way!"