The spot where Colorado borders New Mexico, Arizona and Utah was recently dubbed the world’s worst tourist trap by USA Today, and we kind of think that’s a damn shame. The publication appeared to completely ignore the existence of Beumont, Texas, which we all know has the world’s largest fire hydrant that’s painted like
a Dalmation.

“Found far from other tourist popular attractions and essentially consisting of a landmark that pinpoints where the four states touch, it’s easy to understand how some people may feel that a visit to this remote spot is underwhelming,” reads an article from OutThere Colorado. 

“That being said, despite the ‘tourist trap’ claims, Four Corners Monument still holds a 4-star rating on Google Reviews with plenty of positive feedback.”

If we had to guess, arriving at the Four Corners Monument probably brings on a strong existential crisis as people begin to realize that all borders are arbitrary lines created to separate the land of legal marijuana from the land of getting jailed for marijuana possession (we’re looking directly at you, Utah).

It also appears that the Four Corners Monument charges its patrons $8 for entry which is ridiculous, because we once spent the entire night in a ditch on the border between North Texas and Oklahoma for free.