Let’s face it, the entire workweek sucks. We can justify one day being better than the others while celebrating Fridays – or be happy we’re humping on Wednesday – or whatever. But the reality is that the entirety of it is just wasting away our good years. So if we came at you today saying some clichéd bullshit about “Yah, brah-man, it’s Tuesday. We’re gonna show you where some free music is so you can listen away your Monday woes,” you’d want to punch us in the left eye. We get it. It’s natural.

So we’re only going to say this: The Sounds released a new song, “Weekend” and have it for free download via their site. It isn’t retirement, or death, but it’s free music – and that ain’t half bad.

The single is the newest in promotion for their coming album, also titled “Weekend,” that’s due out October 29th.