Come for the free weed, stay for the flood relief. Then continue staying and get more free weed.

Oh, Colorado. You know exactly what your people need following the devastation of this month's floods: free, glorious weed.

You know what would really help in this situation? Weed. Lots of weed.

Organizers will be all over Pearl Street today, handing out free joints to "stressed-out recreational users" who may have "lost their stash in the flood." Oh, the humanity! Flood relief donations will also be accepted at the event. If you're 21, you can have a joint. If you're not, fuck off. People are also being asked not to light up in public, so you'll have to get "relief" in your man-cave or bachelorette pad.

When: Today. Now. Go.

Where: Pearl Street, most likely near the Courthouse

Cost: Free, but you can donate whatever you'd like

Why: Because Colorado rules