This weekend, there are a proverbial boatload of things to do in Colorado, most of them (read: all of them) themed around one plant in particular: the cannabis.

Along with all the hullabaloo around it, however, comes hordes of people all vying for one area to stand in particular, that spot being on top of your favorite shoe because it's too goddamn crowded to move anywhere. If you're wondering how to ditch those crowds yet still have a productive 4/20 weekend, DRO has a creative and fun way to get up off the couch. The company is hiding a bunch of swag and coupons for free weed around the state, and you've got to go find it.

If you're not privy to what GeoCaching is, it's a growing trend for outdoor enthusiasts that relies on GPS coordinates. One group sets out to an undisclosed area and hides something precious for others to find. They then put out the exact coordinates of where the particular prize is located and blamo, people rush to snatch it first.

This next weekend, DRO has all kinds of goodies stashed away for someone to find, including rolling papers, gift cards, jars, shades, and of course, the weed.

Says DRO Co-Founder Witt Rabon of the hunt, the idea stemmed from a "desire to do something different for our consumers and the recent popularity of games like Pokémon Go. We knew there was a vacuum in the industry waiting to be filled. All of the brands involved are also personal friends of ours so we brought everyone together to produce a multi brand campaign that truly engages the consumer."

The search is perfectly legal, too, as the companies aren't actually hiding dime bags around town for people to just stumble upon whenever — there are still laws in this town everyone needs to abide by. DRO does so by simply including vouchers for cannabis to be claimed at participating Natural Remedies stores, where the dispensary then vets the winners for appropriate age and qualifications. 

To participate, anyone over 21 can sign up at, agree to the rules, and then wait around until the GPS coordinates are sent out to everyone at the same time via email. Then it's go, go, go.

Happy hunting.