Ladies and gentleman … The One and Only PPL MVR …

We get it: We’re falling into a curiosity trap like everyone else following The One and Only PPL MVR and its grabbing attempt at viral marketing tactics — but, hell, it's all so much more enjoyable than taking a Facebook quiz to determine what kind of crunch berry we are or reading about what kind of offensive shit a reality-rich family is up to.

Really … in a world where everything and everyone is exposed like an unprotected left arm resting on the door during long road trips, its nice to see there’s something out there containing a bit of mystery. And while there’s plenty of speculation as to who and what the gorilla-esque characters in PPL MVR actually are; the idea the three of them have been able to keep their identities quiet for this long is substantial. Substantial, we say!

So, yes, whatever the group is putting out classifies itself immediately as a “The fuck did we just watch?” moment; because when was the last time you saw grown men dress up in hairy suits and ferociously attack waffles like it’s their last meal on earth? RIGHT!? NEVER!

We salute you, that which is now the overlords of stifling guitar riffs, slightly auto-tuned vocals and perhaps rock and roll’s biggest savior yet to come.

Ladies and gentleman … The One and Only PPL MVR part deux