It’s not gross, it’s natural. OK, it’s kind of gross but at least it’s better than AIDS.

Condoms, man. Nobody likes ‘em. The pesky latex contraptions pinch, tear, murder sensation and cost monies, making them the quiet mortal enemy of modern genitalia. However, researchers, in their neverending quest to manufacture a viable alternative to the latex condom, may have finally found a solution to the love glove problem: vaginal mucus. Pussy juice. Female wetness. Whatever you call it … it's like barebacking but without the potential of you dying a slow death.

A new study published in mBio has concluded that some women’s bodies create a natural barrier against STDs in the form of cervicovaginal mucus (CVM), a substance that could potentially be used to develop a ‘biological condom.’ Apparently, the naturally occurring bacteria in some women’s CVM is a great barrier against HIV; the average number of mobile HIV particles in CVM samples that trap the virus was only 1.3 percent compared to 45 percent in CVM samples that did not.

In fact, all cervicovaginal mucus (CVM), which coats the female reproductive tract, is the first line of defense against potential infections, preventing pathogens from penetrating underlying cells, according to the study. However, only some women have magic anti-AIDS stuff.

“People know for a fact the mucus properties can vary between different women but also in the same women over time, so we wanted to specifically understand what might contribute to the differences in the various properties,” study’s lead author Sam Lai told Motherboard.

“One of the things we surprisingly found from this study is that it appears as though women who possess a particular strain of bacteria appear to possess a mucous much more able to trap and immobilize HIV viruses than women possessing other bacteria,” noted Lai.

The lead researchers also noted that women with this special type of CVM would have a lower risk of contracting other sexually transmitted infections, including herpes. There’s a pill or shot for just about all the other STDs so we guess this means we’re almost golden when it comes to wanton, unprotected highly questionable/regrettable hook-ups now.

Following the results of this study, researchers could theoretically learn to induce this microbial barrier in women through antibiotics, probiotics or some other pharmaceutical means that would increase the expression of the HIV-killing bacteria in women’s CVM. This means the condom researchers want to develop is less of a literal latex dick sock and more of a figurative natural barrier. Basically, you're fucking with no condom at all. Free like Willy!

The CVM condom, however, does not protect against pregnancy which is good news for your current reputation as “The Pull Out King.” Sick cred, bro.