A probe into George W. Bush's portrait series reveals that a lot of dogs are around him. And that he's quite nude.

Always the perpetual funnyman, George W. Bush never ceases to entertain us. Here he is, five years after his presidency, tickling our funny bones just like old times with his heartbreakingly innocent portraits that make us react in the same way you would if a five-year-old handed you a macaroni painting covered in damp glue. Like, "Oh, that's so nice, honey! Now go to bed."

The paintings were first discovered in February after George's family email chain was hacked by some guy named Guccifer. After a slew of publicity from the leaked artwork, George and Laura Bush embarked on a press tour, knowing that public opinion of them was solidifying and they'd have only a few more chances to make favorable impressions on the country. When the Dallas Morning News asked whether he thought people would be surprised to find he was such an avid painter, he replied,

People are surprised. Of course, some people are surprised I can even read.

Well you don't need to know how to read to paint dogs. Dogs are his muse. They rule his universe. He's painted over 50 of them. His subject matter ranges from dogs, to dogs, to limbless dogs, to places one might find dogs, to…nudes. Recently, he's taken a foray into uncharted territory; cats. Does this metamorphosis signal a possible departure from novice to sophomoric artist, struggling to find his place in the world of fine art?

Note how he signs them '43'…like "I'm the 43rd president, bitches." Let's take a look.

The family dog, Barney, now deceased.

Fluffy dogs challenge his use of texture, but he triumphs.

Dogs and cats. Dogs and cats without limbs. His descent into artistic insanity begins to rear it's ugly head…

George teases us with this series, which portrays his wet, naked body being cleansed by the cooling waters of his bath. We try not to think about what it would be like if these pictures were just a little longer and we caught a glimpse of that sweet presidential D, but we do anyways.

Playfully inviting you to join him and his shapely back boobs in the shower.


Dogs. More of them.

Let's throw one more dog in here for good measure.

Not a quite a dog, but almost a dog.

There's some dogs in this series, did we mention that?

A place where one might feasibly find dogs.

Whoa, how did that one get in here?

The exact moment at which George W. Bush, our 43rd president, had a creative breakthrough. Notice how little dogs there are in this one. We can't wait to see what domesticated household pet wins his attention next.