Screw you to Pittsburgh, subconscious mind! That’s about all we had to say this morning when we woke up. Why? Because somehow – without provocation – our cunning and unpredictable innermost thoughts woke us up with one of the most bizarre and addictive songs ever written.

Da Da Da” was a song written in the early 80s by a German band named Trio. But it wasn’t until 1997 that the thing really caught steam in the states because of a lazier-than-thou ad campaign thrown together by the fine folks over at Volkswagen. It featured the goofy anthem often, and capitalized on the predictable and repetitive nature of the obnixously ear worming single. The band only spent 3 years together playing music, but the song…the song still haunts us to this day.

Seriously though, we’re not really complaining. After all, it’s a fucking rad single and we’ve just now found our silver lining. We plan on using the enslaving melody to annoy the ever-loving turducken out of family this weekend. We’ll sing our beautiful hearts out during the holiday festivities – thus continuing the cycle of suck.