You know who else had a ball pit in Washington D.C.? Monica Lewinski.

As a government, sometimes the best thing you can do to keep pesky reporters, political enemies and the general public from catching on to your nefarious moves is to set up a little distraction. A "Look! What's that over there?!" kind of move so you can get back to gutting social security, staring blankly at police brutality, or not legalizing weed.

And, if you're really smart, your distraction will cater toward's people's inner ADD-afflicted toddler … then they're really liable to get off your case.

Enter the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., which just opened a 10,000 square-foot ball pit called "The Beach." Whether the purveyors did that just to titillate senses or distract everyone from the political toil of D.C. remains to be seen, but … who the fuck cares because BAAAALLLLS!

Brooklyn design firm Snarkitecture built the installation, which is made up of two massive, gallery-white pools filled with coordinating plastic balls grown ass people play in. It is reportedly "very large and very fun," and is surrounded by a few dozen beach chairs for those who are adverse to good old fashioned fun.

Just behold its splendor:

The installation will remain open until September 7, after which it will be destroyed and its visitors once again forced to confront the chill of adulthood and harsh reality of the American government, 'Merica. 

In the meantime, the ball pit’s seething cauldron of fun, germs and whimsy is projected to considerably improve Washington, D.C.’s negative, cynical image.

Which reminds us … You know who else had a ball pit in Washington D.C.? … Monica Lewinski …

It seems like balls and politics really do go hand-in-hand.