Daniel David enjoys carving things out of stone. But his bread and butter in it, so he's found, appears to be something a bit more nostalgic to old-school rave kids than, say, fancy bowls or backsplahes for modern kitchens.

What he creates is a throwback to an old underground culture, one fueled by sketchy-looking drugs with copyright-infringing names and logos stamped on the front of them. 

He makes replica ecstasy pills, and is selling them for up to $1,200 a pop.

According to his website: "His work is informed by an abiding interest in developing new languages in stone carving: demonstrating curiosity and humour and exploring the relationship between traditional techniques and contemporary visual culture.

"Daniel David is deeply interested in stones’ inherent characteristics and continues to explore its limitations and creative potential – introducing synthetic processes to traditional stonemasonry."

Though his intentions are perfectly clear on what he's recreating, a spokesperson for David told that "Daniel is in no way promoting the use of ecstasy. He is simply reflecting '90s dance culture through his artwork."

It's like owning a piece of history without the pesky threat of prison time or your parents not at all mad but being 'really disappointed' in you.